1Billion Effective Apple Devices In The World

In Technology Giant Apple’s Q1 ’16 “Gains Supplementary Material” – documentation including today’s proceeds mainly should show how foreign currency exchange rates are affecting sales -– there was still another prominent number shown: Apple claims now its “effective” install foundation h-AS attained 1billion apparatus. (Really, it’s exceeded it, states boss Tim Cook.) That amount comprises Apple Television, iPad, Apple Macintosh, ipod itouch, I-phone and Apple View apparatus which were employed within the previous 3 months with the solutions of Apple, the organization describes.

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Avoid geoblocking: Access over 1000 streaming services worldwide via VPN

Streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or Hulu are very popular worldwide. However, the providers provide different content per country or region. In Germany, for example, there are no plans to download Netflix US. We’ll explain how you can use a VPN to easily avoid geoblocking. Continue reading “Avoid geoblocking: Access over 1000 streaming services worldwide via VPN”

Controversial Darknet law: Will Tor and VPN soon be banned?

The Federal Ministry of the Interior wants to crack down on “Darknet markets” and define a new criminal offence. But vague formulations could also place operators of gate relays or VPNs under general suspicion and deter normal users. Now the “Reporters Without Borders” association is also speaking out against the draft law. The number of VPNs is still increasing!

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What is a Cloud? What is Cloud Computing?

The terms cloud and cloud computing are used very often, but what is actually behind it? In this article we present the different terms in an understandable way. The term cloud has established itself as a short form of cloud computing. Briefly summarized: The term cloud refers to the interaction of several servers. The servers take over tasks such as data storage or complicated program sequences.

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Linux vs. Windows: A comparison of the two web server solutions

If you run a web server privately or want to rent one from a provider as part of a web hosting package, the question arises right at the start: Linux or Windows? The two operating systems have dominated the web hosting market for years and compete with each other for the supremacy – whereby Linux as a server veteran is still the nose ahead. The decision for one of the two systems is nevertheless a difficult one, above all because the differences in application possibilities and functional scope are only minimal. If Linux and Windows are compared, at least some different advantages of both operating systems can be found, largely due to compatibility with the applications to be used. Continue reading “Linux vs. Windows: A comparison of the two web server solutions”

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