Day Trading Cryptocurrencies – Profit from the Volatility of Bitcoin, Ether & Co.

Turn 500 USD into over 10,000 USD within a week? Sounds frivolous? It usually is, but with cryptocurrencies everything is possible. Bitcoin and especially smaller cryptocurrencies have extremely high fluctuations. If you trade them leveraged, the potential is almost limitless. But first an important risk note: Leveraged trading with cryptocurrencies is very risky. There is […]

Bitcoin soon 10,000 dollars again

Bitcoin, please! The crypto currency now also attracts asset managers. At the weekend the cyber currency continued its rally and reached a new one-year high. The dead live longer. In December 2018, the Bitcoin was still trading at around 3,000 dollars. But since April the crypto currency has only known one direction upwards: The exchange […]

The Different Ways To Trade Bitcoin

There are two ways to trade bitcoin: you buy the actual crypto currency in the hope of selling it profitably or you speculate on performance without ever owning the token. The latter can be achieved by CFDs. In a CFD, you trade a contract based on the prices of the underlying market. This leverage product […]

May Bitcoin Prevent War

Thus, if you are a committed bitcoiner currently, you have likely noticed Roger Ver, AKA “Bitcoin Jesus,” speaking about Bitcoin. He sort of leaps from point-to-point, beginning with free purses (the best is the only you’ll be able to obtain in the established Bitcoin website, BTW), to the reason why Mt. Gox is a good […]

Personal Vs Community Blockchains – Black Vs White

The meaning of personal blockchains hasn’t been quite precise, and its own comparison to community blockchains is as comparing as the distinction between evening and evening say specialists. Authorities and associations are increasingly embracing Block-chain technologies which won’t be only used for things like anymore. Versions exist and happen to be called community and […]