Avoid geoblocking: Access over 1000 streaming services worldwide via VPN

Streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or Hulu are very popular worldwide. However, the providers provide different content per country or region. In Germany, for example, there are no plans to download Netflix US. We’ll explain how you can use a VPN to easily avoid geoblocking.

That’s why PureVPN is perfect for streaming

The times when we went to the video store on Friday evening to rent a DVD are slowly but surely over. There is still exactly one blockbuster video store worldwide and more and more people are using digital on-demand and streaming services such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. Not only is this convenient and convenient, it also allows you to view content from around the world.

From the latest movies to popular TV shows to high-class documentaries and sports (seeĀ https://ventsmagazine.com/2019/07/05/dont-miss-your-favorite-sports-outside-the-usa/) – the variety of available content is huge. However, there are also restrictions on streaming. Many providers have geographical restrictions, as content varies from region to region. In Germany, for example, it is not possible to retrieve content from the US Netflix database or to use the music streaming service Pandora.

Simply bypass country blocks via VPN

The reason why many providers do not offer their content in every country is because of the different broadcasting licences of the content. If Netflix or even a television station owns the license for a TV show only in one country, it will not be broadcast in other regions. Another reason can be a government order, for example if a government only wants to distribute certain content nationwide. The same problem occurs when you try to access foreign games on your wii, as you can read here.

In which country a user is staying, the provider can usually identify the IP address that provides information about a country, region or network. One way to disguise your origin and retrieve blocked content is to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) such as Pure VPN.

A VPN allows you to manipulate your own location and pretend to be streaming providers, you are in the USA, for example. So it is possible to retrieve the actually blocked content without any problems. But the use of a VPN service does not only have the advantage that you can bypass country blocks. It also has the advantage that your data is transmitted securely encrypted.
More than 5000 movies and series from Netflix US streaming

Netflix is considered the forefather of video streaming services and has grown from an online DVD rental company to a leader in video-on-demand. The company offers more than 5,000 TV shows, movies, documentaries and other content in the U.S. alone. Some of these are purchased content, but more and more series and films are also being produced by Netflix itself – the so-called “Netflix Originals” or “Netflix Originals”.

  1. These include top-class and internationally acclaimed series such as “Stranger Things”, “Dead Girls Don’t Lie” or “Narcos”.
  2. Every month Netflix updates its catalogue and records new films or series, replacing a fraction of old content.
  3. The prices for Netflix start here in Germany at 7.99 Euro per month.
  4. In the basic subscription you can watch movies in SD quality and use the service on a current device. You pay 10,99 Euro for the “standard” tariff, in which you can use Netflix with two devices at the same time.
  5. Content is available in HD quality. The “Premium” subscription, with which you can access selected content in 4K HDR and stream it simultaneously with four devices, costs 13.99 euros.

Stream US content from Amazon Prime outside the USA

One of Netflix’s main competitors is Amazon Prime Video. The service offers a flat rate offer for films, series or documentaries on the one hand, and content that is not part of the flat rate can be rented or purchased on the other. The offer costs 69 euros per year or 7.99 euros per month and also offers other advantages such as free shipping or access to Amazon Prime Music.

Streaming service from mail order company With Amazon Video, the mail order company has established one of the most important video streaming services in Germany. In our detailed test report you can read everything worth knowing about prices, quality, content offers and compatible devices.

  • Unlike Netflix, Amazon Prime only offers one tariff. This also means that, unlike Netflix, you don’t have to pay any extra to access content in 4K HDR. The service currently has around 100 million users, about 48 million fewer than Netflix.
  • A subscription to Amazon Prime Video contains an equally diverse content catalogue and produces its own series and films, as does its competitor. These include the successful series “The Man in the High Castle”, “Goliath” and “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”.
  • The free and cross-platform media player software “Kodi” is popular with many users because of its versatile possibilities. In addition, all conceivable streaming services can be bundled and centrally managed in the program.

Kodi was originally developed for the Xbox, but now also runs on Linux, FreeBSD, Windows, macOS, Apple tvOS, Apple iOS and Android. Often the software is also used together with a Raspberry Pi as a media center.
The platforms and sources that are streamed via Kodi can be implemented in the software using add-ons, for example. However, many foreign sources are also subject to the country lock. In order to be able to use Kodi to its full extent, it is a good idea to use a VPN service.

Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or Kodi are just a small selection of streaming platforms. PureVPN gives you access to over 1,000 streaming channels and services from anywhere. The provider currently operates more than 2,000 servers at 189 different locations. You can set up PureVPN on over 25 different systems, including smartphones, tablets, game consoles, notebooks and routers. You can use the service on up to five devices at the same time.

In addition to fast servers that offer a smooth and buffer-free streaming experience, the VPN service focuses on privacy and data protection. PureVPN uses a 256-bit AES encryption algorithm to ensure the security and confidentiality of user data. So with this VPN, you’re not only fast and cross-country, you’re also safe on the road.