Bitcoin soon 10,000 dollars again

Bitcoin, please! The crypto currency now also attracts asset managers. At the weekend the cyber currency continued its rally and reached a new one-year high.

The dead live longer. In December 2018, the Bitcoin was still trading at around 3,000 dollars. But since April the crypto currency has only known one direction upwards: The exchange rate has more than doubled within two months. Yesterday, Sunday, the price on the Bitstamp trading platform shot up to 9,387 dollars. This is the highest level for 13 months. In the meantime the price has come back a little. Currently, the crypto lead currency still costs 9,167 dollars.

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“The $10,000 mark is now within striking distance,” writes Bitcoin expert Timo Emden of Emden Research. The increased prices are likely to lead short-term speculators to make an investment in Bitcoin. Emden warns, however, of the threat of setbacks. “Investors should prepare for both directions, the danger of a crash remains present.” Profit taking currently seems tempting.

“Facebook Coins” cast their shadows

According to Bitcoin expert Timo Emden from Emden Research, Bitcoin is currently the biggest beneficiary of the imminent Facebook coin. The leading social network will soon announce its plans for its own payment system with its own crypto currency, American media report. Most recently, the Wall Street Journal had reported on an investment by various companies such as Mastercard, Visa, Paypal and Uber in the project under the name “Libra”.

Also in supermarkets and many shops the digital coins are accepted increasingly as means of payment. At the organic supermarket chain Whole Foods or at Starbucks in the USA you can pay with Bitcoins.