Cellcorner Review

A locked cell phone is considered a major concern and anyone having a locked cell phone is looking for an escape since no one wants to stick to a single network or would like to sell the cell phone just to switch to a different network. People like to get their cell phones unlocked because it not only saves them money, but also increases their phone’s worth.

Many phone unlocking companies offer their services to help you get rid of network lock. Phone unlocking is now as simple as entering an unlock code and you are done. Cellcorner is another phone unlocking company that came up with the idea to provide reliable phone unlocking services to its customers. The company is established and registered in West Palm Beach, Florida USA. Cellcorner has been serving its customers for over a decade now and owns a good repute in the market.

Service Details

Cellcorner offers several ways through which you can get your cell phone unlocked:

  • Ship-in unlocking: You ship your cell phone to the service provider and the provider after unlocking it, sends it back to you. This type of unlocking may take up to 3 days, but the “Express handling” feature may help you in getting your phone unlocked within 24 hours.
  • Remote unlocking: It is the simplest and the most commonly used method, but unfortunately Cellcorner provides unlocking codes only for limited phone brands.
  • Self-unlocking: This type of unlocking requires the use of unlocking equipment and a special software. A variety of cables and other unlocking equipment can be found at their online store. In many cases, the software is provided for free when you purchase any of these items.

Time Frame for Delivery: The turnaround time depends on many factors. Firstly, it depends on the type of unlocking service available for your phone. If your cell phone can be unlocked remotely, then the turnaround time only depends on the phone model and the network the phone is currently locked to. If your order requires shipment, then delivery time also depends on the country of destination. The company does mention the estimated delivery for your order, but it cannot guarantee that the order will be delivered in time. You can request urgent order delivery, but for that you have to pay extra charges. To keep you updated, the company also allows you to check the status of your order.

Supported Phone Brands and Carriers: Cellcorner brings unlocking services to a wide range of customers. Cellcorner supports a variety of phone brands, the list of major phone brands include Apple, BlackBerry, Sony, LG, Huawei, Nokia, Rogers, Samsung, HTC and many others.

Customer Service/Support: Cellcorner provides full support to its customers.

  • Questions & Answers: This section covers all general queries that one might have regarding unlocking services.
  • Email: In order to send a message to the service provider, you are required to fill a short form.
  • Live chat: The live chat support is available too, if you find the service offline, you can drop them a mail.
  • Skype chat: This is another convenient option for all Skype users.
  • Phone call: Make a phone call to discuss your concerns with the service provider.

Security & Trust

Cellcorner promises its customers that a refund will be provided if its unlocking services failed to work, but the refund policy varies depending on the unlocking service availed by the user.  For unlocking equipment like data cables and other tangible items, the company says that it does not accept product returns for refund, but defective items can be returned for repair or replacement.

Here is how the refund policy works for remote unlocking services:

  • If the user received a wrong unlock code, users will be given 3 days following the order delivery to request a free code verification
  • If after the verification, it turned out that the code the user is claiming to be wrong is the same as that delivered by the service provider then the user will be issued a refund. A refund will only be given if the user provides a video proof.

Regarding order cancellation, the company makes it clear that for tangible items the order cannot be cancelled once the product has been shipped and orders of unlock codes cannot be cancelled once the order request has been submitted to Cellcorner.

Privacy Statement: Cellcorner says that the company respects users’ privacy and makes every effort to guard users’ data.

Cellcorner in its privacy terms also talks about the user information it collects and how the company uses the collected data. The information (name, email, address, and phone related details) that provider collects is required to complete order requests successfully and your email address may also be used to send occasional promotional material. The company does not store any financial information and all credit card information is passed to the credit card processing company. In order to ensure that your data remains in safe hands all financial transactions are carried out over a secure connection.

About information sharing, the company writes that it never provides user’s contact or payment details to any third party vendor, however, if the company believes that it is necessary to share user data so as to complete transaction and order, then it may provide the required information.

Supported Payment Methods: Cellcorner lets you make payments through various means:

  • Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover)
  • PayPal
  • Bank Transfer
  • MoneyGram
  • Money Orders
  • Other Payment Methods – Contact the service provider if you want to clear your payments through any other method


  • Accepts various payment methods
  • Support a wide range of phone brands
  • Good customer support
  • SSL (Secure Socket Layer) – All communications are carried out over a secure channel


  • Remote unlocking service is available only for limited phone brands
  • Cannot guarantee that an order will be delivered in time specified
  • The user must claim a refund within 3 days following the order delivery, otherwise your refund request would be declined


  • Reseller Ratings:Cellcorner scores 9.53 out of 10.


The Cellcorner is an experienced company that offers phone unlocking solution to a wide range of customers, but what may disappoint the users is that the service brings remote unlocking services only for limited phone brands.