Cellunlocker.net Review

Love to travel? But worried about the huge roaming charges that you might have to incur because of a locked cell phone? Tired of your restricted freedom? Looking for an escape? Well, you need not to worry about your locked cell phone anymore since many phone unlocking companies are there to help you get rid of the network lockup.

Cellunlocker.net is another phone unlocking company that entered the phone unlocking market with the aim to provide the fastest and the most economical GSM phone unlocking solutions to its customers. This company is based in Canada and claims to be among the leading phone unlocking companies in the industry today.

Service Details

With Cellunlocker.net, you can easily unlock your handset with the help of an unlock code.  Cellunlocker.net lets you have a free code look up. When you provide your phone’s IMEI number, the service scans its database to check if an unlock code is available for your device. If the code is found against your IMEI number, you will be required to provide the payment and contact details so that the service can deliver you the unlock code. The code is delivered via email along with the unlocking instructions.

Time Frame for Delivery: “We have the fastest turnaround time”, says the company. Cellunlocker.net’s fully automated system helps in entertaining user requests quickly.

The company quotes the estimated delivery time for your order when you place the order request, but the company also says that the posted turnaround times are just the estimated delivery times and the delivery time may exceed the time specified. The turnaround time varies depending on the phone model, network and the supplier status. Cellunlocker.net also lets you track the status of your order.

Supported Phone Brands and Carriers: Cellunlocker.net supports Acer, Apple iPhone, Asus, BlackBerry, Dell, Doro, HP, HTC, Huawei, INQ, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Palm, Pantech, Samsung, Sidekick, Sony and ZTE phone brands.

Cellunlocker.net supports various network carriers, but the list varies from country to country.

Customer Support/Service: Cellunlocker.net promises to help its customers round the clock. The service may take up to 24 hours to respond to your queries, but the company believes that this much time is required to properly address users’ queries.

FAQ section: The FAQ section covers all important topics that may be of concern to any new user. If you are using the Cellunlocker.net’s service for the first time, it is recommended that you visit their FAQ section as you will be able to find answers to most of your raised concerns.

Support Center: This section discusses all the technical issues. All commonly occurring problems that you might face while unlocking your phone have been discussed here.

Video Help: These videos are very helpful since they practically demonstrate how you can unlock your mobile handset.

Toll Free Number: The toll free number is available on their website. This service is available from Monday to Friday (10am to 6pm PST). You can call the service provider on this number and get your queries resolved.

Email: Email is another option through which you can contact the service provider. Just drop them a mail and wait for the service agent to get back to you with an appropriate answer.

Live Chat: The live chat support is available as well.

Security & Trust

Cellunker.net values its customers and in order to gain their trust the company promises a full refund in case its phone unlocking services failed to satisfy the customers. But the company demands a video proof in order to confirm that its unlocking code actually failed to work.  The video proof must clearly show:

  • The device’s IMEI number
  • The unlock code while you are entering it into your device
  • Some devices may have special requirements in the video – this is why the company says that for a video refund user must contact the service provider first.

Regarding the refund policy, Cellunlocker.net also makes it clear that no refund will be provided if:

  • No video proof is provided or the video provided did not meet the requirements needed.
  • The information about the order provided is incorrect
  • The phone the user is trying to unlock is already hard-locked
  • The phone was already unlocked prior to placing the order
  • Delivery of the unlock code exceeded the stated average turnaround time

Privacy Statement: Cellunlokcer.net makes this statement regarding user’s privacy. “We are committed to protecting user’s privacy; no sensitive data will be collected without user’s consent. All data collected will be used lawfully”.

The company in its privacy terms also discusses about what user data it collects and how it uses that data. The information that Cellunlocker.net collects includes your name, email address and other phone related details. The information collected is required to complete the order successfully and also unless you opt out, this information might be used to keep you updated regarding company’s special offers and promotions.

The provider clearly mentions that it does not collect any personal credit card information and that all payments related details remain with their trusted processing partners.

Cellunlocker.net explicitly mentions in its privacy terms that it does not share any of its user data with third parties, but it also says that if in sensitive cases the company feels that it is important to reveal user details for investigative purposes then it will provide the information collected.

Supported Payment Methods: Accepted payment methods are:

  • Credit Cards
  • PayPal


  • Cellunloker.net lets you track the status of your order
  • Best customer support
  • Promises the fastest turnaround time
  • Guarantees that the code will work, else a full payment will be refunded
  • Free code look-up feature – saves time and money


  • Limited phone brands supported
  • The order delivery time might exceed the time specified on their website


Let’s have a look at how customers rate this phone unlocking service:

  • Reseller Ratings:Based on 1334 reviews, Cellunlocker.net scores 7.57 out of 10
  • Review Centre:Based on 7177 user reviews, Review Centre rates Cellunlocker.net 4.8 out of 5
  • Trust Pilot:Based on 1365 customer reviews, Cellunlocker.net scores 9.4 out of 10


Cellunlocker.net is a trusted phone unlocking service and is known well in the market for the quality services it brings to its customers.