iOS Basics: How to set up VPN access on your iPhone

Whether for work or on the road for your own security: VPN access can be quite versatile and useful. This encrypts your data stream to the VPN server and only travels from there to its destination. Sounds complicated – but it isn’t.

We will show you how to set up such a VPN access on your iPhone and what advantages this also brings in the private sector.

VPN access: What is it good for?

Generally speaking, VPN access provides more security. It encrypts the data sent between your iPhone and the VPN server. If the server is in your company, you can access the internal network from there or surf the Internet with a company IP.

But VPN access can also be worthwhile in the private sector. For example, when you log on to a WLAN hotspot on the move, you exclude potential attackers as you can read at www.Iphonevpn.NET.

Setting up VPN access on the iPhone

First of all you need a VPN account. You will either be informed by your company or you will register yourself with a provider of your choice. Vodafone also offers you VPN access with Secure Net. Even including your own VPN app.

But now to your iPhone: Under Settings, General, VPN you can set up your VPN access. The protocols IKEv2, IPSec and L2TP are supported by default. Select it according to your access data and enter the further information of your VPN account.

If you need or want to use the widely used OpenVPN protocol, you can download it from the App Store using the OpenVPN Connect app. You can also use it to import finished profiles, establish a connection and start surfing.

What you should pay attention to

If you are registered in a WLAN and surf via VPN, please note the following: As soon as you disconnect or log on to another WLAN, your VPN connection also terminates. Your iPhone will immediately try to reconnect, but it will take a moment. As soon as it is active again, you will see VPN again to the right of the WLAN icon.

If this does not work automatically, you only have to go to the settings. Between the entries Mobile Network and Network Operator you will find the entry VPN and next to it a slider. Simply switch it off and on again. Then the VPN connection is re-established.

Do you already have experience with VPN connections or is all this completely new territory for you? Write it to us in the comments.